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Be puppy prepared...

Preparing for a new puppy is an exciting time; you've bought a bed, bowls, food, toys and various other useful items, however have you really prepared your home to be puppy safe as well?


Puppies can get into all sorts of trouble just for simply being puppies being pups!


They have curious minds and like to investigate everything, most often with their mouths, so I always advise prospective puppy owners that it is essential to puppy proof your home.


How to make your home safe for your puppy:


  • Keep all medicines out of reach, in secure storage containers.

  • Lock away all cleaning products.

  • Some human food can be very harmful to puppies, so store securely.

  • Some plants and flowers are poisonous to dogs, so check on the internet if your garden has plants which will make your pup poorly.

  • Slug pellets and rat poison can both be very dangerous if ingested, so don't use these and disgard any you might already have.

  • And remember that anything left lying around might be viewed as a potential chew toy by your puppy.



Signs of a poorly pup who might have eaten something it shouldn't have:


  • Vomiting, drooling and/or diarrhoea

  • Tremors or fits

  • Raised heart rate

  • Raised temperature

  • Pacing, or being generally unsettled and uncomfortable and not acting the way they normally do.



What to do if you suspect your puppy has eaten something poisonous:


  • Firstly, call your vet to discuss and to let them know that you need to bring your puppy in.

  • If you have an idea what it is that your puppy has ingested, take that with you as it will help the vet treat them.

  • Try to stay as calm as possible.

(In classes, we teach puppies a 'leave it ' command, which can be life saving to a curious pup who manages to get hold of something dangerous).


Stay safe, be prepared!


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