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Be a responsible owner and neuter your dog!

Unlike our dogs, who may be curled up beside us on the sofa having a snooze, there are many dogs out there who have no family to call their own.

I work for a national animal charity which sees the result of unplanned or poorly considered breeding and although the thought of owning a cute and fluffy puppy may be very desirable, some people underestimate just HOW MUCH HARD WORK and money is involved in raising one properly, and once their puppy has turned into an unruly, rude adolescent who doesn't listen to a word they say, many find themselves looking for a new place to call home and sadly all to often these dogs end up in animal shelters.

So be a responsible owner and neuter your dog!

With neutering we will get:


  • Less unwanted puppies


  • Less abandoned dogs


  • Less chance of serious and very common diseases such as testicular cancer and potentially fatal womb infections (known as Pyrometras)


  • Less roaming of male dogs in search of that female in season just a few miles away!


  • Less mess - females in season can be very messy indeed, and last for approximately 4 weeks!


  • Often less urine marking in male dogs


  • Sometimes less arguments between male dogs


  • Dogs are less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as marking and mounting


  • Neutering your animal can make them calmer and more obedient (much easier for the boys to concentrate when training if there are no females in season in the area!)


  • Thousands, yes, THOUSANDS of dogs are looking for new homes and often there just aren't enough new homes for these dogs.



So PLEASE be a responsible owner and neuter your dog.


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