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Stotfold Puppy and Dog Training Club
Stotfold Puppy and Dog Training Club
Stotfold Puppy and Dog Training Club
Stotfold Puppy and Dog Training Club


a bit about me and the Stotfold Puppy & Dog Training Club:

My name is Sally and I have been working professionally with dogs for the last 15 years for a national animal charity.


I am keen to utilise all of the methods I have learnt over the years to help establish a really great bond between you and your dog.

Some simple ways of explaining certain criteria which will help us to achieve this are the 6 C's:


  • Connection

  • Communication

  • Consistency

  • Calmness

  • Creativity

  • Compliment

To explain, how can you train a dog if you are not connected? - And I don't mean connected by a lead!

You need to communicate what you would like your dog to do and be clear in your requests.

If you allow your dog to jump up for fusses but then shout at him/her when he does it with muddy paws, where is the consistency in that?

Be calm, if you get agitated, your dog will pick up on this too, and become more agitated in response.

Be creative, every dog is an individual and no one size fits all, what works for one dog may need adapting to fit your dogs nature.

Praise and compliment your dog when they do what you would like them to do, don't chastise when you haven't clearly communicated what you have wanted.



20 years ago, I acquired my very first dog as an adult grown up owner!, and I failed to realise any of the above 6 C's and how my behaviour truly impacted the way my dog behaved.
I did get 'help' from various dog professionals, however at the time, the advice was quite different then as to what would be advised now, and sadly the 'magic' cure I was hoping for didn't exist but of course I didn't, at the time, understand how our relationship had to change before I could see other changes my dogs behaviour.
Don't get me wrong, my dog was a special dog who taught me a lot, however needed very careful management and protecting.


Since then, I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with 5 other rescue dogs, large and small, and in my job at the national animals charity, I have had experience working with many different breeds, however I do have a soft spot for staffies! (Staffordshire Bull Terriers)


I regularly attend dog training and behaviour workshops and seminars which help to develop my knowledge and keep me updated with advances in behaviour modification and training. Including days with Nicole Wilde, Karen Pryor, Jean Donaldson, Grisha Stewart, Sarah Fisher…To name but a few!


Also I have participated in workshops in animal healing and animal communication (Michelle Childerley, Sonia Grover and James French) and I am trained in Reiki (Level 2).


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